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What does Custom’s “One USG” Mean?

As the use of CBP’s ACE (Automated Commercial Environment) overtakes the old ACS (Automated Commercial System), and FDA begins to use the PGA system (Partner Government Agency) rather than OGA (Other Government Agency), there are many new messages sent through ABI (Automated Brokers Interface). When used to the old messaging systems, many of the new messages can cause confusion and questions as to whether a shipment is released or not. In this short post we’ll discuss the message “One USG”.

As per CBP‘s CSMS 15-000828 the message “One USG” is a shortening of the term “One United States Government”. You will receive this message if customs has released a product and FDA has “May Proceeded” all of the goods on the entry. While the “One USG” is not required for release, and you may not always see the message, it does indicate that customs and all PGAs (Partner Government Agencies) have received all required data for entry and that the product has been conditionally released.

Text directly from CSMS 15-000828:

A “One USG” message indicates that the merchandise has arrived, that all data required for entry has been submitted to the U.S. Government, that all PGAs that regulate the merchandise have issued a may proceed and that CBP has conditionally released the merchandise from its custody.

This message is based on the data received from the trade and premised on that data being accurate and correct. A “One USG” message is sent even if there are no PGA lines associated with an entry. A “One USG” message is not required for cargo release from CBP custody. There has been no change to the entry status & disposition code that facilitates release from CBP custody. That is, a “1C” disposition code to the carrier and/or entry status of “Released” as applicable to the specific entry scenario.

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